Hawaii 7 Inch Media Pad Vogue Tablet in Pakistan


The new 7 inch tablet which can be used for making calls as well has been launched today.

You don’t have to need for head phones as the New Media Pad 7 Vogue comes with a built in receiver for direct calling as the company officials said. This phone is best for you if you don’t feel shy of holding a 7 inch tablet.

The processor that comes in the New Media Pad 7 is 1.6GHZ and GPU of 16 Core with a 7 inchc touch screen of 1024 x 600 pixels. The other apps in this phone are Hawaii Emotion UI 1.5 skin, word processing and email, the processing system is Android 4.1 with Face Book, YouTube and GPS Navigation which are pre loaded in the new Media Pad Vogue Tablet.

Hawaii 7 Inch Media Pad Vogue Tablet

Hawaii 7 Inch Media Pad Vogue Tablet

The gadget supports Bluetooth and following accessories can also be hooked by the users like external keyboards, USB Drives and Mice in the Media Pad 7, according to the Hawaii.  The connectivity features like WI-FI or 3G/DC-HSPA+ are included in this phone.

It is also said by the Hawaii representatives that more than 20 hours of calling or 4 HD movies can be played on one battery charge of the Media Pad Vogue 7.

The debut of the Media Pad will be made during this month in China and will be available in two colors white and black whereas no further explanation came from Hawaii regarding its availability in the other markets.

The first Media Pad 7 inches Tablet was released by the Hawaii two years back whereas they announced the 10 inch version last year.


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