Huawei Is Now Gearing Up To Manufacture Desktop PCs


The Chinese Smartphone maker Huawei has been launching phones in mid range and flagship lineups. For now, the news are surfacing on the internet that the company is now planning to manufacture its own Desktop PCs.

Recently a patent leaked, in this regard the company is all set to produce new all in one PC for now. Four patents released showing that, Huawei is coming up with four variants of the upcoming Desktop PC.

The detailed information in the patents is not revealed so that we can assume with what features and specifications the company is releasing its Desktop PC. But each variant will be the base variant. One PC has a base of 45-dgrees while one is designed in bracket form and single straight PC.  One common factor among all PCs is that they will be manufactured ultra thin.

For now we are not confirmed, that Huawei is actually working on these Desktop PCs or not, but for many many leaks and news are surfacing with a plenty that makes the sense real that company is doing something like this.


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