Jazz Launched 5G Trials in Pakistan


The Pakistan is one of the very fewer countries around the world where the end users are provided with 5G technology. The good news for Jazz customers is that the telecom company has launched the 5G trials. The availability of the 5G network from Jazz is provided on trial basis and limited areas only. The operator is allowed to testify its 5G service for a period of six months which can be extended further.

Jazz 5G Trials in Islamabad

Jazz 5G Trials in Islamabad

According to PTA Officials, a trial spectrum of 100MHz from 2600MHz band for 5G network is allotted to Jazz. As a result the company has made an integration of 5G site to its network and the testing of the 5G equipment was shown live on media.

Jazz 5g in Pakistan

Jazz 5g in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA has given authority to Jazz to conduct trials of its 5G network at five locations in Islamabad. These locations are given below:

F-8, G-7, E-7 and Blue Area (Around Redco Building).

If any person owns a 5G supported device can use the 5G connectivity of the Jazz in these areas. According to Jazz, the raodshows will be done to introduce and make use of the technology to the customers. The today’s whopping speed of the live tests is 1.5 Gbps.

While commenting on the launch of the 5G trials the CTO, Jazz Khalid Shahzad said;

“5G is not just about the speed, as speed comes automatically, but its the whole lot of ecosystem that comes along 5G and it will revolutionize the way we do things in our daily lives”

CTO further stressed that the 5G trials are conducted only after mandatory approvals from regulator. He said:

“We at Jazz wanted to conduct proper 5G trials with necessary PTA approvals and legally allotted spectrum, and here today successfully integrated 5G operational site to our network”

Moreover, the PTA has authority to launch the 5G in Pakistan commercially. The PTA has to set some regulatory and policy frameworks which are yet to be finalized.

According to the statement of as Jazz Official

“Technologically we are ready to roll; it’s just the Govt approvals that could delay the commercial launch of 5G in Pakistan”

So it was all about the latest innovation in the telecom sector and let’s wait till the 5G technology openly provided to all users around the country.


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