Microsoft Deal with Sony, LG and Others to Pre-install Microsoft Apps on Tablets


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Along with other companies like Sony, LG, Haier and 17 OEMs the Microsoft has come with a deal to pre-install Microsoft apps on their tablets. The company revealed that they have improved their strategic agreements by making new deals with plenty of Android OEMs. Apart from the new deal the whole 20 companies will need to pre install Microsoft’s productivity apps on smartphones which are containing Android OS.

These apps will cover the most of the Microsoft Office Suite applications including (Excel, World, PowerPoint, OneNote), OneNote and Skype.

On all the Android which are revealed by these OEMs such as LG Tablets and Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet within the next 3 months these apps will be pre installed.

Just two months ago Microsoft disclosed same partnership along with Cyanogens, Samsung, Dell and eight other OEMs.

Right now the Redmond giants have improved strategic partnerships along with twenty more OEMs in the same agreement. The full list of OEMs part of the deals is given in the following:

Nick Parker the Corporate Vice President of Original Equipment Manufacture Division at Microsoft declared the new mentioning, “Our Strategic agreement with these partners shows how Microsoft is improving the level of hardware ecosystem, and working with them in newest methods strategy, to provide these Microsoft services to every single individual on every device.”

There is no disagreement on the reality that the company’s productivity apps are renowned as top in class but that kind of methods indeed required to push the company’s apps to everyone?

Therefore what do you think regarding this? Do you prefer to get these types of apps that are offered and pre installed or do you prefer that type of choices to be on the users favor? Do not forget to give your comments accordingly.


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