Microsoft Working on Affordable Smartphones for Masses




Microsoft Devices is performing on a latest strategy for the markets in Pakistan that turn around the launch of reasonable devices in line with the purchasing power of the masses in the Pakistan.

Admitted by the GM for Microsoft North Africa East Mediterranean and Pakistan Leila Serhan, she is now on an official visit to Pakistan to evaluate the newcomer and current Microsoft projects in Pakistan. She will as well visit the government officials, partners and media.

Cheaper Lumia Devices Are On The Way:

 “Currently, because of the high prices Microsoft devices are struggling in the country; however that will change with the companies shifting tragedy for Pakistan. There are some of the phones in the range, especially in the Lumia family, that is going to be highly reasonable and demand to a huger demographic.”

Piracy Still A Major Problem in Pakistan:

Admitting regarding the piracy in the country she mentioned:

“it is a massive issue in the region and also in Pakistan, and Microsoft is taking into consideration regarding providing lower costs to users to counter that. The software’s piracy rate has dropped down by 86% from 95% in the country. This may more dropped by 6-7% if the government department prevent from using pirated software.”

Urdu Version of Windows 10 Could Be Released:

Later his year the Windows ten has been launched worldwide and in spite of negative feedback in previous versions of the OS an Urdu version could be released.

Microsoft Enjoying High Service Adoption from Local Businesses:

Regarding the strategy she mentioned that the manufacturer is considering on Mobile First, Cloud First with its educational programs, innovation and entrepreneurship. In Pakistan the companies are quickly taking on Microsoft’s cloud services.

Infrastructure Development Is A Positive Sign for Future:

She as well mentioned “the substruction development in Pakistan have amazed me very much. The 3G/4G technology services have made a difference and throughout my visit I was able to use hotspots at various places and as well it contained high speed internet at office. I believe that the technology shift is going to offer great chances to all walk of people such students, teachers and others, from innovators to entrepreneurs.”

Microsoft Will Continue to Invest in Pakistan:

She admitted “in Pakistan Microsoft has got excellent opportunity in spite of hurdles. The manufacturer is a part of PM Laptop Scheme. It is as well cooperating with various universities under Higher Education Commission (HEC) for offering access to its products for the purpose of education.”

“3 Microsoft Innovation Centers have been associated in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, for the purpose of innovation and entrepreneurship they will be further utilized. In Pakistan Application developers are doing incredible job and undoubtedly they can create the difference along with their ideas and technology however they should be locally funded through someone with attribution.” She said.

“However the technology business is tougher in Pakistan, we will proceed to enlarge ourselves along with every rising site of the business. We will precede our internship program, training, jobs and CSR activities.”


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