Mobile Number Auction for 5 Crore and 61 lac in Oman


Muscat, The Telecom company of Oman has auctioned the golden number for 5 crore and 61 crore rupees and it became the breaking news. According to the foreign media reports, the telecom company of Oman decided to auction the golden numbers of mobile phone and these 10 golden numbers were offered for 83 lac and 90 thousands dirham for auction, in which one golden number ‘71111111’ was sold for 18 lac 65 thousand and 600 dirham, which is equal to 5 crore 61 lac 31 thousand and 347 rupees in Pakistani currency.

The general manager of Oman Telecom Company told to media that they managed the auction with the cooperation of telecommunication authority (TRA) online for the first time in which 222 bidders participated and in the auction, only 10 different gold and diamond numbers were placed. He further told that 80% of the amount received through the auction will be given to the welfare departments and the remaining amount will be distributed to the company and TRA. The main aim to provide the fund to the welfare department is to help the different institutes and the civil society for the social betterment and they also congratulated the TRA to take this best initiative, which supported them to manage the first unique auction of the state.

It is to be clear that telecommunication authority (TRA) announced on the internet last month that the users can get the golden numbers through the online auction and there is another aim to conduct this auction online to make this process of giving the mobile phone number, transparent.


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