New Concept App Extends Mobile Battery Life


Extend the Battery Life

There are huge number of mobile phones of various mobile phone manufacturing companies have been launched in the market but the battery life has always been an issue. These companies do not have the solutions of these issues and they can have only one solution to add the bigger batteries in them.

Extend the Battery Life 1

Some researchers have introduced the app to extend the battery life on the Android phones that have the OLED screens. The software reduces the brightness in the non critical parts of the screen and they switch and multitask between the apps and how long this app remains idle.

Extend the Battery Life 3

How It Works

It makes the dimming profiles, when you turn the app on and it enables them on the predicted power consumption. The app tries to keep the power usage below the usual power draw in any situation. The users saw the increase in the battery life of about 10 to 25% per hour.

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You will not find the app on Google Play store and it will be provided as an app or the built in feature. The app works on OLED screens and not on the LCD. The OLED screens can have the ability to shut down or dim the pixels while LCD panels cannot. It shuts down completely or turns on fully. It is an interesting thing for the mobile phone users that the companies are finally coming close to solve their issue in the entirety.

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