Vivo Establishes A New Android Based Operating System The OriginOS For Smartphones


The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Vivo has reportedly announced to establish a new operating system for the Android phones called the OriginOS. The company revealed about the new OS at its annual developer conference held in China. The company plans to introduce the operating system with a whole widget priority design, optimized memory, and advanced gestures.

According to an Official statement of the Vivo:

“The genesis of OriginOS centers around three frontiers based on smartphone consumer demands: design, smoothness, and convenience. OriginOS repurposes familiar features with new exciting designs to create the ultimate smartphone experience”

 New Widgets

 The Vivo new FuntouchOS is designed with an inspiration of iOS featuring same notification design, transparency use and color palettes. The new OS by Vivo is similar to the Apple’s iOS 14 and have widgets layout in grid style. According to the Vivo, the new design is developed with the inspiration of the Chinese variant of Klotski sliding block puzzles, Huarong Dao.

In new OS user can easily rearrange the multiple mismatched widgets. Additionally, widgets have “nano alerts” that are the notifications used by the OS to update the widgets. Widgets also help in conveying the information to the user for instance weather app has sun or rainy cloud and for SMS app there are message bubbles.


Vivo has given the new OS with a combination of 26 gestures and can be started by tapping the screen at the bottom. The Vivo has also introduced a dedicated feature for the fast and convenient payments via mobile called SuperCard. It works by tapping on the display anywhere.

Performance Gain

The Vivo new FuntouchOS is featured with a number of techniques for memory fusion and optimization, called Multi-Turbo 5.0. It needs less RAM and resource intensive. This feature is generally a swap that increases RAM up to 3 GB when the data is shuffled to flash storage devices.

Visual Flare

The FuntouchOS by Vivo comes with “behavioral wallpapers” that are generally complex wallpapers and act in a complex motion e.g. petals sway of each individual flower. These wallpapers will show the cloud and match the outside weather accurately.


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