OnePlus 9 Display Specifications Revealed Officially


OnePlus keeps on confirming the OnePlus 9 series details, and the phone’s display info is the latest in line. OnePlus went to Weibo, China’s social media network, to share some additional details. Following that, it did the same via Twitter, for its global audience, while confirming that the ‘Pro’ model will deliver an A+ display, according to DisplayMate.

Now, do note that the OnePlus 9 series is mentioned, but this info may not apply to the base model. Well, at least some of the information doesn’t apply. It does, however, apply to the OnePlus 9 Pro, all of it.

The OnePlus 9 series display details confirmed by the company, mostly for the ‘Pro’ model

OnePlus mentioned an LTPO display, which means we’re getting an adaptive display of the OLED variety. It will offer refresh rates from 5Hz to 120Hz, in case you were wondering.

OnePlus also confirmed that the resolution of the said display will be 2K+, which is essentially QHD+. We’re looking at a true 10bit panel with 1 billion colors, as well as 8192 levels of brightness adjustment.

This display will be provided by Samsung, by the way, even though that particular detail hasn’t been shared by the company just yet. It will be quite power efficient, mainly thanks to the adaptive refresh rate.

Some of these details may apply to the regular OnePlus 9 model, but chances are they’re not. That handset is expected to ship with a full HD+ AMOLED display, and even though it will probably offer a 120Hz refresh rate, it won’t be adaptive.

The OnePlus 9 series will become official on March 23. The company already confirmed that launch day, while it also reveals a lot of information about both devices thus far… especially the ‘Pro’ model.

In fact, OnePlus went ahead and shared official images of the OnePlus 9 in “Morning Mist” color. Quite a few images got shared, and thus the phone’s entire design got revealed, pretty much.

OnePlus tends to share some images prior to launch, but it never flat out shares the entire design. In addition to that, the company’s CEO shared some unedited camera samples, while much more information surfaced. Check out our OnePlus 9 preview if you’d like to know more.



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