Opera Browser With Free Built-in VPN


If you want to browse the web with peace from restrictions and privacy then you have to use VPNs or virtual private networks. Through them, you can use the internet without worrying about tracking by sites like Facebook or ads.

But it’s not easy to find a good VPN because there are few problems about VPNs that they usually provide very slow connection and free VPNs have lots of ads.

But now it seems that a free and free VPN service will be provided by Opera browser to save VPN users from these problems.

Native VPN Support in Opera

Now Opera’s subsidiary ‘SurfEasy’ will be added in the new Opera browser and it is a VPN service. It has a built-in tracking protection while it uses 256-bit AES encryption.

You can let the browser choose the most appropriate location for you or you can choose the location from USA, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands and Germany. You can change your locations easily by using these options.

Opera announced the addition of this feature of VPN in its browser in April this year but previously it was only available for browser’s developer version. A similar VPN app “Opera VPN” is also released by Opera for Android and iOS.

Opera claimed that users can easily get a smooth experience of watching HD videos on its latest VPN. But it should be remembered that video running website, VPN server distance and your network connection is also important to get that video streaming.


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