Oppo Patents Its Expected Foldable Smartphones


As various smart phone  companies have launched their foldable devices in the market to introduce foldable technology in the market. The Chinese tech giant Oppo has not yet made any development to bring its foldable phone in the market officially. As per reports, Oppo has patented its foldable devices design to be used to manufacture its foldable smart phones in future.

There are four patents are surfacing on the internet with a unique design by Oppo. Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp Ltd filed four patents with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) on May 11, 2020. The appearance shown in the patents predicts the chocolate bar like design. Let’s have a look on these patents.

Patent 1

In the first patent design is shown with six blocks and two hinges. The images of the Patent 1 reveals that the phone folds inwards and comes with a dual-camera setup with an LED flash at the bottom.

Patent 2


The second patent also shows that phone has two hinges and six blocks. However, it has a triple camera setup with an LED flash located on the back of the phone instead of the front. It connects both the interior and the exterior.

Patent 3


The third patent reveals that the smartphone has a total of eight blocks and two hinges. There are no visible cameras, hence, it most likely has in-display cameras.

Patent 4


Like patent 3, paten 4 also predicts that this phone also has eight blocks and two hinges. It folds inwards and sports a triple camera setup on the back, accompanied by an LED flash.

It is not yet confirmed officially that company is going to launch these smartphones but it is expected that the company would use these four design manufacture its foldable devices. Stay connected with us to be updated with any latest development in this regard.


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