Apple Is Reportedly Working On A Foldable iPhone To Launch In 2022


The Smartphone Brands like Samsung and Motorola have already launched their foldable phones in the market and for now news and reports are surfacing about the world’s most popular tech giant Apple to launch an iPhone manufactured under foldable technology. We have seen various design patents of the upcoming foldable iPhone and according to latest reports leaked by Economic Daily it is said the Apple is now testing its first folding device. Economy Daily claims that the Chinese Suppliers like Foxconn and New Nikko are sending foldable phone samples to Apple. The tech giant is planning to use an OLED or a microLED panel on the Smartphone. Micro LED technology offers better power efficiency, higher brightness, and saturation. Until then, the device will be in its testing phase with folding screens, especially screens and hinges. Samsung will reportedly provide the display and the seizures will come from Foxconn and New Nikko.

These hinges will be tested over 100,000 times, and the same New Nikko company, which has been supplying Apple MacBook hinges for years, will also make hinges for folding phones. As far as the form factor goes, it’s too early to predict what will happen to Apple. We’ve seen patents showing a word case style as well as a galaxy fold-like design.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch in 2022, although these dates will be taken with a grain of salt as previous reports have claimed that Apple’s first foldable phone will be ready now.


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