Qmobile on airs Indian TVC in Pakistan for its Z7 Phone


It appears like our latest disclosure of Qmobile copying an Oppo’s R5 campaign was not the end of the story.

Following performing some more digging around, we realized that it was not just the case of lazy productive work from the one of the most famous phone brands in the country.

Qmobile is as well ripping off a TVC which is manufactured in India by the company named Gionee for its S5.1 Smartphone.

This does not stop here in fact as Gionee S5.1 is seems to be the same device that is introduced in Pakistan. It has exposed down specifications however the design remains the same.

Primarly, QMobile are spreading all over as preposterously cheap and the should get their own press agency to do some work. They might be most famous brand in the lower portion of the market however they have work hard to have the same impressions at the higher end devices market.

Brand perception and marketing are as necessary as your product; someone should ask HTC who learned this the hard way. Therefore you cannot go through shortcuts and you definitely cannot rip off whatever you prefer and casually pass it as your personal work. I does permanent damage it’s just not worth it.

Another appealing suggestion of the video is the question, are the Gionee S5.1 and Noir the same devices? If yes, it appears like Qmobile and similar brands in other countries are basically purchasing phones from same companies in China and performing as distinguished distributors.

Many believes that Qmobile consumers the same source as Micromax in India while this question has come up before also, however currently a similar TVC too? In 2 altogether countries? Does this ring any bells?

The only probable explanations are that QMobile is the property of the same company as Gionee. If not, those kinds of actions are ludicrous even by Pakistani standards.

We do not have much copyright protection is Pakistan however if you are one of the most well known brands and still willing to copy and rip others off, you should be humiliated of yourselves. If this were a western country, they would possibly be served a lawsuit already.

Qmobile Official Response over Ad:

We have struggled a lot to get QMobile’s take on this, and indeed we postponed the story to give them sufficient time for a feedback, however nothing has come up as of yet. While we hear anything from QMobile we will definitely update the post.

Qmobile on airs Indian TVC in Pakistan for its Z7 Phone

Qmobile on airs Indian TVC in Pakistan for its Z7 Phone


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