Realme GT Banned Over Fake Benchmark


The mobile phone companies want to post high benchmarks, if not really honest, they have become a trivial matter these days. Similarly, perhaps the latest addition to the fake benchmarks post is Realme, especially Realme GT.

 Antutu’s reference team has banned Realm for allegedly cheating on their GT lineup. As a result, it also removed the phone’s score of 50,750,000 from the database, a much higher figure than the Xiaomi Mi11‘s ~ 708,000.

Antutu specifically noted that the figures “were not a manifestation of real power, but of fraud and other means.”

So how did Realme GT cheat? Into explained that Realm put a lot of multithreaded work on the phone’s faster CPU core, which actually resulted in a higher score.

When it comes to image preparation, Into promised that instead of a perfect process, Realme GT used mosaic color blocks to reduce image quality, as shown in the following screenshot:

In detail, Antutu stated that such tactics go against the spirit of the benchmark game. For now, it has removed the Realme GT score from its platform for the next 3 months. He has also issued an ultimatum to the brand, stating that if the company does not change the way the phone meets the benchmark, the phone will be permanently banned.

In response, Realm CEO Xu Qi Chase released an official statement via a Chinese blog, Weibo, stating that “our score is actual data” running on the current version of Antutu. It is. For now, both Realm and Antutu are in talks to resolve the issue.


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