Rivo Mobiles Prices in Pakistan


RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Advance Telecom, is local phone devices distributor as well a Microsoft Devices distributor and partner, has introduced a latest mobile phone brand which is named as ‘Rivo Mobile’ in the country.

Three categories of phones have been consisted under the Rivo Mobile including with the mid range Rivo Rhythm Smartphone’s, the low end Rivo Feature phones and the high end Rivo Phantom Smartphone’s. These Smartphone’s are made by Hungary.

According to the reports, this mobile brand is established to engage the Pakistani mobile market by storm. Tactically this mobiles brand contains Android operating system and Smartphone’s for all demographics and price tags which starts pricing in low range Rs. 1800 to Rs. 23500 for Rivo PZ15 for its flagship Android phones that is featured with Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon processor and on the back with 12 Megapixel Camera.

As well entry level Android Rivo Smartphone’s with beginning price of Rs. 6,150. We will stay skeptical regarding the act of these entry level Rivo Android phones till we play around with the units ourselves.

Rivo showcased with an opening ceremony which was happened last night in Lahore. Their products will be available in the stores of mobile markets beginning from upcoming week.

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Rivo Phantom Smartphones:

Rivo Mobiles flagship devices will be Phantom series Smartphone’s. they will operate on Android, and the price tags and models are written below.

Rivo Feature Phones:

Rivo Rhythm series Smartphone’s will be mid range devices. They’ll function on Android. The models and prices for Rivo rhythm Smartphone’s are pasted below.

  • RX35 @ Rs. 6150/=
  • RX40 @ Rs. 7200/=
  • RX50 @ Rs. 8700/=
  • RX55 @ Rs. 9150/=
  • RX60 @ Rs. 13800/=

Rivo Feature Phones:

Rivo’s feature mobile phones are going to be offered in different series like classic, neo, advance, jaguar and sapphire. The price tags and models are written below.

Classic Series

  • C100 @ Rs. 1850/=
  • C110 @ Rs. 1875/=

Rivo NEO Series                                 

Rivo Advance Series

Rivo Jaguar Series

Rivo Sapphire Series

  • S600 @ Rs. 2950/=
  • S610 @ Rs. 2975/=
  • Conforming to basis, a vast promotion campaign is designed for Rivo Mobile and it will roll out progressively taking full advantage of the ICC Cricket World Cup hype.
  • Advance Telecom is supply heavily in the scheme and is projected to give stiff contest to brands including QMobile and Huawei in the lower end of the market.
  • As per to performance, Rivo devices could end up giving recognized high end companies including Samsung a tough time as well.

You can take a look on the pricing and specifications info of every single models on Rivo Mobile’s website here: http://www.mobile-phone.pk/


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