Samsung Expected to Sell 55 million Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in 2015


Samsung is now rethinking about its brand because its profits have gone on downward direction in a past one and a half year. After knowing the reason of bad design, now Samsung has left everything responsible for this and come up with the Galaxy S5’s new successor.

For the handsets of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung got 20 million pre orders from both carriers and retailers. This made the analysts to again think that with the passing year, the performance of these new handsets (Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge) of Samsung will do business. Now, they are estimating that alone this year will see the selling of 55 million of these devices.

                  Samsung has already ramped up production on both S6 and S6 Edge due to high demand
Samsung has already enhanced the production of both of these devices while 13 million extra handsets of this duo will now be prepared till April 2015 which clearly proves the high demands of these phones. Samsung is trying extra hard to keep away from shortage of these phones as both these devices will be launched on 10th April 2015. The report says that in the second quarter of 2015, Samsung is expecting to sell 22.2 million units of galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. They are expecting to sell 16.2 million more units in Q3 while Q4 will help them to sell 12.5 million more units.
But these are very high estimates especially when the competition is increasing with passage of time and target of selling these numbers will not be easy for Samsung. One such competitor is HTC One M9 which will start selling in Taiwan this week while come in the other markets at the same time with the launch of Galaxy S6.

                  Samsung’s biggest competitor will probably be the LG G4, which launches later this year
Perhaps LG G4 will prove to be the biggest competitor of Samsung’s S6 duo which will launch in the home country of Samsung and is already claiming to be the best in the world. The G4 will bring several new features including the curved screen much similar to that of S6 Edge while it will launch also in Q2. Apart from that, these Samsung Galaxy flagships also have other competitors in their way next year in the face of latest flagship of Sony ‘Xperia Z4’and also its upcoming superb flagship ‘Oneplus’ which will also launch soon in near future.


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