Samsung Planning to Sell Refurbished Note 7 Units


Insanity is the same thing that you do again and again expecting it to change later and it seems that Samsung is doing that with its experiments of Note 7 as it is coming back again.

Back from the Dead

Few weeks ago, Samsung officially disclosed the reason behind explosion of Note 7 devices. After initial blasts, Samsung recalled the previous phones and replaced them with new batch of these phones but the problem remained unsolved which forced the company to completely abolish the sales and reproduction of Note 7.

This phone proved a nightmare for the company as it not only suffered the company with financial loss but also forced the company to design its new flagship perfectly in order to save its name. But it seems the South Korean company is not going to end its experiments with Note 7.

When Samsung told about the reason behind failure of Note 7 they remained silent about their plan of the new and unused Galaxy Note 7 devices. But according to a Korean news sites, Samsung is now planning to sell large number of unsold Note 7s in emerging markets as renewed devices in order to avoid environmental fine for dumping them and also reduce their losses.

These renewed devices will be available to be sold in June after having most of the features of the original device but change in the battery capacity as it will be lowered from its original 3500 mAh to either 3200 mAh or 3000 mAh.

Around 98% devices of 3.16 million (Note 7) sold out units have been recovered by Samsung. In order to find the reason behind the explosions, around 200,000 units were used in experiments.

Samsung is facing problems due to the presence of large number of batteries in its storage as it will have to pay huge fine if it doesn’t dispose off them in an environmental friendly manner. So far, Samsung hasn’t made any official statement on this matter.


Recently, it has been told by spokesperson from Samsung India that the renewed Samsung galaxy Note 7 phones will not be sold in India. But it was not told about the plans of the company about other countries.


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