Three Smartphone Makers Decide To Manufacture Mobiles In Pakistan


The good news from mobile industry is that now local mobile industry in Pakistan will now get the “Made in Pakistan” smartphones as three globally renowned phone manufacturers have decided to assemble and manufactures the phones under their brand name in Pakistan locally.

According to latest reports and news, the globally renowned Advance Telecom, Vivo and AirLink are set to manufacture their phones in Pakistan. The companies have decided to take this initiative after the recent decision of Government of Pakistan to give a relaxation on withholding tax. Reportedly, the government has decided to end the withholding tax on local manufacturing of smartphones for the production and assembling of the mobile parts in the country.

The Engineering Development Board EDB has officially confirmed that the three companies Advance Telecom, Vivo and AirLink have officially applied to receive approval from the Ministry of Industries and Production MoIP and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA to set the mobile production setups in Pakistan.

According to a senior official of EDB:

“Vivo plans to set up its unit in Faisalabad, Airlink has applied for a unit in Lahore, whereas Advance Telecom wants to establish one in Karachi,”


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