TikTok Rolls Out New Prompt System To Verify Information Before Sharing


The Chinese video sharing app TikTok is now going to set some limitations on sharing the content. In this regard, the TikTok is set to introduce a new prompt system that will warn the user about the unsubstantiated content.

TikTok is collaborating with a fact checking agencies called PolitiFact, Lead Stories and SciVerify in this regard. Using this prompt system, the TikTok will verify the video content before sharing it. The prompt system will be specifically designed for the verification of unfolding events.

If a user tries to share a video containing unsubstantiated content, the prompt system will warn the user with a grey alert on the top of the screen. User will be able to send the video even after warning but TikTok aims the user to review the task twice. A warning alert will also be sent to the content creator.

“If a viewer attempts to share the flagged video, they’ll see a prompt reminding them that the video has been flagged as unverified content. This additional step requires a pause for people to consider their next move before they choose to “cancel” or “share anyway.”

TikTok reveals that users shared 24% less misleading content, while video signaling lost an average of 7% of likes based on the beta test of the new warning feature. This new feature is now available in the United States and Canada and will be rolled out in more regions in the coming weeks.


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