Ufone 3G Packages 2015


The Ufone operator has all the time brings out the initiatives designed to provide its users the great and continuing with this tradition, as well the operator has ceased their all past offered 3G bundles.

Today the operator declared a review in its complete 3G bundles and declared about 10 latest 3G bundles, removing speed based alternatives and including latest features to the service.

Ufone’s recently introduced 3G bundles such as daily, 3-day bundles, weekly and monthly along with data limits up to ten GB.

Currently, this mobile operator declared the most exclusive offer of the year yet (again industry frist) wherewith, they have gathered the most popular social applications such as Facebook, Whatsupp, Twitter and Line, as free sample as part of the reviewed data bundles.

Via this service each bundles subscriber is going to be provided freebies regarding free usage on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Line, including with volume of data usage.

The below are the reviewed data packages offered by Ufone:

Ufone 3g Packages

Ufone 3g Packages

How to Subscribe

  • to select your Ufone 3G package Dial *3#

Default Tariff – Prepaid

-          The default price is going to be Rs.20 regarding the primary MB usage and the user is going to receive the next 19 MBs free of cost, then the user will be charged regarding the 21st MB and they will receive the next 19 MBs without cost and so on.

-          The default offer of 1Mbps is going to be for the whole day.

-          Volume collector is going to be renewed at 00:00 hrs each day since it happens in ongoing set-up

Terms and Conditions

  • only prepaid customers can subscribe to these packages
  • dialing *3# subscribe to these Packages
  • the remaining balance of the packages can be checked by Dialing *706#
  • After the consumption of bucket volume, according to the default price charging will be done.
  • All daily internet packages are recursive, packages can be unsubscribed by dialing respective un-subscription codes.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the same bucket is not permitted.
  • Packages subscribers are going to receive the highest available speed. In fact the Internet speed is going to depend on multiple factors including location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc.
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.
Ufone 3g Packages

Ufone 3g Packages


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