US and China Joins Hand To Overcome Shortage of Semiconductors


During the US -China trade war, the two countries began a partnership to address semiconductor supply and security issues. The China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) has formed a working group with the United States to address issues such as “export control and supply chain security” for chips.

The CSIA made this announcement on March 11, 2021, today. The move comes amid the worst chip supply shortage in history, affecting multiple industries equally.

The news comes at a time when speculation is that the US-China trade war is easing as US President Joe Biden takes office and the global chip industry vows to address shortages.

The development has left Chinese companies ailing, including tech companies like Huawei and SMIC, without chip supplies. The working group between the two countries aims to promote “deeper mutual understanding and trust” between the US and Chinese semiconductor industries and address concerns through cooperation.

The American counterpart, the Semiconductor Industry Association, CSIA, has yet to announce a joint working group between the two countries. As part of the working group, a total of 10 experts from each side will attend meetings every six months to update each other on technology and trade ban policies between Washington DC and Beijing.


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