Whatsapp Urdu Is Going to Be Available Soon


We are here with some good news for those individuals who like communication in our own language.

Whatsapp’s Urdu version is going to be available soon in the Android and iOS App stores.

As well the translation could not need to come out at a proper time. The Mobile influence rates are improving at a stable pace and Whatsapp contains more or less replaced SMS.

Although most of the people have shifted it to roman Urdu as stop gaps measure, a devoted Urdu version of this software could be very welcome news for the individual who do not know English language. Those who are living in the rural areas could get the benefit of that.

Ahsan Saeed is the manager of the translator for this project: he added:

”I managed to translated 753 strings and moderated 2089 strings in less than 3 months and made Urdu 18th language in which WhatsApp for Android has been completely translated.

This was not possible without assisting of volunteer translators who work hard because of the love of Urdu.”

This hardwork could improve this software’s already stellar market share and it will be definitely have the telcos staining their heads at how to improve lands of SMS. Not long, messaging numbers decreases first in history at Eid event.

Previously if SMS was not dead, it is definitely on it was there currently.


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