Wi-Tribe introduces 1st Communication App for Smartphones in Pakistan


Wi-tribe has just announced “Hi App”, a locally developed and Pakistan’s first ever smartphone communication application.

The global players like Whatsup, Viber or even Skype will be given competition with this locally developed app.

While using the internet, the users of “Hi App” will be able to make high-quality voice communication between smartphones, call landline phones and group voice calling around the world and through credit cards or wi-tribe scratch cards, the users can recharge their accounts.

The existing LDI infrastructure will be used for landline calls by wi-tribe.

Wi Tribe Hi App Service in Pakistan

Wi Tribe Hi App Service in Pakistan

Apart from that, users can share content like voice messages, images or any file types and also chat with each other.

10 participants at a time can have a conference via Hi App. As contrary to Google Hangouts, anyone during a running conference call can invite and add a friend.

Among industry experts, general public and tech enthusiasts, wi-tribe show Hi App in its beta launch phase at the ITCN ASIA 2014 currently.

The priority is given to user ease and for this purpose; a sensitive design is used to navigate the interface of app easily.


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