Windows 10 release on 29th July 2015


The latest OS is going to be available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers beginning from the given date. This operating system is going to be free for anybody who has a bought a PC in the last six years and is running on Windows 7 or a later version. As well the Tablets which running Windows 8.1 are part of the free update cycle.

You need to use the Windows 10 app to reserve your fee upgrade. Just click in the small Windows located in the taskbar, then click on Reserve your free upgrade and then write your email address to receive confirmation. Also by clicking on the popup, brings up a slideshow showing the newest features of this operating system and its advantages like Cortana, Edge, Passport and the new start menu. You will require repeating this on each device, if you have multiple eligible devices.

In order if you can’t see the icon on your taskbar, check out if you have Windows updates is enabled. So if you have enabled then either Microsoft is working on drivers for yours device or you are not eligible for the free upgrade.

As well sometimes later this year Windows 10 for Mobiles will be released currently no exact date is reported for that. The company has just 2 months till the desktop version launches so they have their work cut out for them. We are expecting that all goes well and we gain the polished new Windows.


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