Worlds most Powerful Laptop for Games


Acer Europe has presented the world’s largest and heavy gaming laptop and it will be available for sale in 2017. This laptop, Acer Predator 21X, has 8 kg weight ad it is presented in the European show “IFA 2016”. Its 21” screen is the largest and also the first curved screen of laptops.

It is specifically made to play games due to which it include 2 G Force GTX 1080 GPU and one built-in keyboard. Due to this, it requires 2 power supplies to run. In order to retain cooling, it has 8 heat pipes and 5 system fans.

Its RAM is 64 GB and 5 hard disks can be installed in it at a time. It has an eye-tracking camera prepared by ‘Tobii’ which sees your eyeballs and you can take aim while playing game with your eyeballs. But this feature is included in games with its support.

In order to beautify keyboard, LED is present beneath each key. Numeric pad of this laptop is present behind the touchpad. It is expected that the price of this laptop could be $5000 or above.





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