YahClick Satellite Broadband Services introduced in Pakistan


YahClick is a UAE based satellite broadband internet company which is going to cover 28 countries. This company has revealed that it is going to be granting its Ka-band satellite broadband services in Pakistan.

YahClick Satellite Broadband Services

YahClick Satellite Broadband Services

The company mentioned that they have collaboration along with Super Net and Click Sat as its local partners for provision of satellite broadband services for Pakistani single users and company.

Pakistani users can reach these local partners if they prefer to get satellite broadband services.

YahClick has been functioning in Pakistan along with soft launch, has already get hold of couple of 100s of users. Its satellite broadband services are being used at 154 ATMs for banks which are situated at country’s most solitary places.

What is Satellite Broadband Internet?

Unlike conservative internet means, satellite internet requires no cables, towers or fiber or any other form of network to operate.

You are expected to need ground equipment such as dish and modem and that is it. You can go everywhere within 28 included countries, to use the internet excluding the fear or moving out of the coverage area, network breakage or any form of vandalism.

Due to its nature of communication, Satellite internet is more luxurious than usual internet means. It’s most of the time not intended for commoners and businesses working in distant and inaccessible areas where there’s no other internet, tend to rely on satellite broadband.

Some examples of potential satellite broadband customers are Media houses, NGOs, banks operating in remote locations, drilling companies

Equipment Required to Operate Satellite Broadband

First of all you will need the below equipment to get satellite broadband access.

  • Outdoor Satellite Dish (of 74cm or 98cm)
  • Block Up Converter (BUC) fixed on the dish
  • Indoor Modem (and a Wireless Switch for WiFi Coverage)
  • And a laptop/desktop machine with Ethernet card (or WiFi if you have wireless switch installed)

For stronger signals bigger dishes (98cm) are used at locations close to edge of coverage. Indoor modems as well come along with different number of ports.

Costs of Satellite Broadband Internet

The YahClick partners in the country are giving out satellite equipment (dish antenna and modem) on rental also on full payment, making it more viable for users and businesses to use internet at remote locations.

While final and confirmed pricing can be get from specific YahClick partners, below is an estimate of what you should expect:

Equipment Cost 

  • 74cm Dish with up to 3 Port Modem: Around Rs. 60,000
  • 74cm Dish with up to 20 Port Modem: Around Rs. 75,000
  • 98cm Dish with up to 3 Port Modem: Around Rs. 75,000
  • 98cm Dish with up to 20 Port Modem: Around Rs. 90,000
  • 120cm Dish with up to 20 Port Modem: Around Rs. 120,000

Satellite Bandwidth: 

Once you have the equipment, you can subscribe to various YahClick Satellite broadband plans available, which look like following:

Volume Based Packages:

  • 2Mbps download / 256Kbps upload – 5GB monthly Limit: Rs. 9,000
  • 2Mbps download / 256Kbps upload – 10GB monthly Limit: Rs. 16,000
  • 5Mbps download / 768Kbps upload – 20GB monthly Limit: Rs. 29,000
  • 5Mbps download / 1Mbps upload – 30GB monthly Limit: Rs. 43,000
  • 7Mbps download / 1Mbps upload – 50GB monthly Limit: Rs. 75,000
  • 7Mbps download / 1Mbps upload – 100GB monthly Limit: Rs. 150,000

These rates are for per month and excluding taxes

Unlimited Packages:

  • 2Mbps download / 512Kbps upload – Unlimited: Rs. 170,000
  • 5Mbps download / 1.5Mbps upload – Unlimited: Rs. 460,000
  • 15Mbps download / 2.5Mbps upload – Unlimited: Rs. 730,000

These rates are for per month and excluding taxes

Equipment on Rental:

In the above the partners of YahClick added that they as well give out satellite equipment on per month rental bases. That means the equipment (Dish, Modem and other equipments) are going to be given to you on rent as the monthly basis and you have to pay out the rent which are going to be depending upon the broadband place you are going to opted.


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