Zong 3G & 4G Dongle and MiFi Devices


Zong 3G & 4G Dongle and MiFi Devices

Zong 3G & 4G Dongle and MiFi Devices

According to the declaration by famous telecom company Telenor, the upcoming week will wee the start of 3G/4G MiFi device and 3G & 4G wingle for their mobile broadband. Now they are also offering 3G dongle.

For three months, there will be free internet availability along with the primary 3G and 4G wingles and MiFi devices. Several discounts and free incentives will be given with every device.

Those whole MiFi and 3G & 4G devices that use 3G and 4G networks of Zong will have faster speed on the network coverage present in your area.

The features and pricing detail of every device is given below.

Zong 4G LTE Wingle


  • 4G LTE speeds
  • Plug n Play
  • It can work on around 10 Wi-Fi devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.
  • It can connect with any power source (like USB car deck, USB power socket etc.)

Price and Packages:

The primary charge of the device is Rs. 12,000 which includes:

  • Double volume available on first 3 subscriptions of any bundle of MBB while usual MBB packages will be available after the end of first three months.
  • For first three months, there will be 60GB data limit available.

Zong 3G Wingle                      


  • Super 3G speeds
  • Plug n Play
  • Including tablets, smartphones and laptops etc. there is support of up to 10 Wi-Fi devices.
  • Including USB power socket, USB car deck and others, it can connect to any power source.

Prices and Packages:

You can get this device with these 3 packages.

  • 3G Wingle Start Pack is available with 20GB data limit for 1 month while its price is Rs. 3500.
  • Rs. 4500 is the price of 3G Wingle Gold Pack while it will provide 40GB data limit for one month.
  • The price of 3G Wingle Platinum Pack is Rs. 5500 while you can get 60GB data for one month with this package.

There will be free data for first month while the mentioned above prices include device price along SIM card.

On any MBB plans, you can get double volume for first three months after purchasing of 3G Wingle.

3G MiFi Cloud


  • Connectable to any power source including USB car deck, USB power socket and others.
  • 3G internet speeds
  • It can support 10 WiFi devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • The battery timing is up to 300 hours of standby and 6 hours of running.
  • LCD is available for standing display
  • It can perform as a mobile hotspot.

Prices and Packages:

Following are the prices of MiFi 3G device.

  • MiFi Starter is with Rs. 4850 package that will give 4GB data limit per month
  • MiFi Bronze will give 8GB data limit per month with Rs. 5150.
  • The price of MiFi Silver is Rs. 6000 while its data limit is 20GB per month.
  • MiFi Gold is available with Rs. 7000 and it will provide 40GB data limit per month
  • You will get 60GB data limit per month with MiFi Platinum that will cost Rs. 8000.

The above prices contain free data for 1st month with device and SIM card price. You can get double volume for three months after buying a 3G MiFi.

Zong 3G Dongle


  • 3G speeds
  • Plug n play
  • It supports only one super 3G connection with either PC or with laptop.

Price and Packages

  • Dongle Starter will provide 4GB data limit per month with price of Rs. 2650.
  • Dongle Bronze’s price is Rs. 2950 while its data limit per month is 8GB.
  • Dongle Silver is with Rs. 2800 price while its per month data limit is 20GB.
  • Rs. 4800 is the price of Dongle Gold that will provide 40GB data limit per month.
  • 60GB is the data limit of Dongle Platinum while it will cost Rs. 5800.

With the above mentioned prices, one can get device along SIM card in addition to free data for first month. Double volume for 3 months can be achieved purchasing a 3G Dongle.

Zong Mobile Broadband Packages

Zong 3G & 4G Dongle and MiFi Devices

Zong 3G & 4G Dongle and MiFi Devices

  • It should be reminded that the purchasers of the above packages will get free data bundle fro first month along with the device.
  • For first 3 months, devices will give double volume.
  • Packages will have to be selected from the given list after the end of 3 months.

Given below is the summary of MiFi, Wingle and Dongle devices in order to know the difference between them.

  • MiFi creates WiFi hotspot while it can run on battery for 6 hours and there is no need of USB to operate MiFi.
  • The activation of Wingle requires a USB charging socket (car socket, laptop) while it will also create WiFi hotspot.
  • Dongle can be used with a single computer and its activation requires a computer/laptop USB socket. As compared to others, it would not create WiFi Hotspot.


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