Zong SMS Packages 2015 Price Daily, Weekly Fortnightly & Monthly


Zong is providing different packages 2015 for daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages while we are providing you information about the price tariff rates of these packages. These different packages provide opportunity to the Zong customers to send free messages to all networks available in Pakistan. Zong is known as one of the most reliable and economical telecommunication service provide and tries to retain this status by providing new, exciting and economical offers to its customers. It helps the company to retain the number of customers to its own network.

Zong always tries to bring best services to its customers and Zong SMS service is a best example of that. The customers can get nice and economical offers with these services.

Zong is so far providing four of these exciting offers.

  1. Zong Daily SMS Package Price Rates Tariff
  2. Zong Weekly SMS Package Price Rates Tariff
  3. Zong Fortnightly SMS Package Price Rates Tariff
  4. Zong Monthly SMS Package Price Rates Tariff

Zong SMS Packages Daily, Weekly Fortnightly & Monthly 2015 Price Tariff

  • Zong Daily SMS Package:

704 is the number where you can send SMS of ‘sub’ to get the subscription. Rs. 3.99 are the subscription charges of this package. 500 SMS are achievable through this package while this package is valid for 24 hours.

  • Zong Weekly SMS Package:

700 is the number to send SMS ‘sub’ to avail this offer. Rs. 10 are the subscription charges for this package while you can get 1000 SMS through this weekly package that will last for 7 days.

  • Zong Fortnightly SMS Package:

Again 700 is the number to send SMS ‘sub’ to subscribe this package whose charges are Rs. 50 for the users. This package will last for 15 days while 500 free SMS will be available through this offer.

  • Zong Monthly SMS Package:

Send SMS ‘sub’ 700 to avail this offer while the charges of subscription are Rs. 80. 30 days is the validity period for this offer while 500 free SMS daily will be available with this package.

We will provide you complete charges of all these Zong daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages along with the taxes applied on them as we are aware that most of the companies don’t provide complete information especially about the taxes that are also payable for the users of package.

Zong SMS Packages 2015

Zong SMS Packages 2015


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