7 Tips on How to Make Your Smartphone More Secure


7 Tips on How to Make Your Smartphone More Secure

7 Tips on How to Make Your Smartphone More Secure

Today, we are facing several security and privacy issues in this world of internet. Now, the primary mean to access the internet is smartphone. And we know that our smartphone are in danger of these security issues whether we are at home or in our work place.
You can protect your smartphone from hacking or virus with the help of 7 steps that are given below.
Get an Antivirus App

You can secure your device by downloading an antivirus but it doesn’t provide complete protection to your device. Usually, PCs also contain viruses and malware that could be transferred to other devices through copying of files. It is difficult for mobile antivirus to protect from this threat and the best practice is to either scan easily file with a top antivirus before transferring any file or avoiding direct transfer of files between different devices.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are just like burglars that can enter your smartphone through connection. Using pubic Wi-Fi is one of the most unsecure thing for your smartphone. It is provided free due to which many people use public Wi-Fi. But it is a reality that your accounts, emails and passwords can be acquired by even a beginner hacker with just little effort due to public hotspots.

Turn Off Bluetooth Unless Required

Short-range device communication is possible through Bluetooth. But it should be remembered that hackers can get to your device whether you are connecting to a multimedia device or transferring data through Bluetooth. Bluetooth is quite safe while used at home but your smartphone can be remotely hijacked when you use Bluetooth away from home.

It should also be noted that even the latest versions of Bluetooth (BT versions 4.1 or even 4.2) can’t prevent from hacking threats and even then hackers can access your device. Therefore, the best practice is to close Bluetooth when it is not in use.

Keep IP and MAC addresses hidden

Hackers can easily find your device through your IP address. IPs can easily be used to locate any device and they are like digital addresses. You can keep your IP address safe over the world wide web by using several available apps or softwares. In case devices are connected to the same local area network, these can be exposed easily.

Never Trust Apps From Unknown Sources

There are related app stores provided to all smart devices. Google Play Store is provided to Android devices, Windows devices have their own stores while iOS devices usually come with Apple App Store. But even then, users sometimes download apps from various unknown sources that can be dangerous by bringing a malware in your device.

Use a Numeric Password rather than a Pattern Lock

Hackers can easily bypass pattern locks. You should use passwords or pins if primacy is important for you. These pins and passwords provide greater security as compared to various pattern that can easily be unlocked. Several third party security apps offer changing pins that doubles your security. If you unlock your smartphone in front of somebody, these apps even then protect your device.

Jailbreaking or Rooting

Jailbreaking or rooting is a new term for most of the People. We can simply describe it as using the weakness of OS to reach advance access on the software and hardware of your device is call rooting or jailbreaking. You can increase the functionality and customizability of your phone through this process by reaching the area of developer moderators.



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