Google Chrome New Offline Features


Google has provided some needed features to the web browser for offline users. Google has added the new feature to Chrome to allow them to download web pages. They can view these pages without need of internet connectivity. After the success of the feature, the search engine giant has declared the new bunch of new additions in order to improve the offline browsing experience.

Download Link

This option is provided to the users so that they can save the web page by long pressing on link and select ‘Download link’ from menu to show up. This will save the page for offline viewing and it can be accessed at any time until the users delete it.

Download Later and Offline Badge

When you suffer any problem from the internet outage, then it is you and you can open the website and run the familiar ‘You Are Offline’ page and you can tap on ‘Download Link Later’. The Google Chrome will download the webpage when you go back to the online. It is easy to get the saved offline web pages and you need to do, is open the new tab on the Chrome and scroll down to the ‘Downloads’. You will see the pages saved offline tagged with gray ticked badge. These updates are provided for Google Chrome on Android.

Built-in Adblocker Coming Soon

It is reported by media that most of the used browsers in the world, Google Chrome is going to get the built-in adblocker in the future. When you use the new offline feature, you can download the latest version of Chrome from the mobile OS of the choice as download Google Chrome for Android and download Google Chrome for iOS.


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