Google Now Search Content from Your Installed Apps


Now you can get more and new information from your Android device, according to the announcement by Google. Now you can find content from installed apps with a new search mode. Gmail and YouTube are few of those that are working on this pattern currently while you can have this feature in the upcoming months in more third-party apps.

First get the latest update of Google app on Play Store in order to access this feature. Now enter a search query in ‘Google Search’ and select ‘apps’ among the available tabs. Now it gives lots of functions.

An example is that you can get the details of message conversation with a person if you search for name of that person and then you can restart your conversation from there.



At the moment, there is a short list of features available in Google’s In App:

Find your contacts and messages. Now you can easily find your friend or the name of hotel he told you previously only by searching for his name or writing hotel to see his message.

  • Watch your favorite video or hear your favorite song that are present at the same place.
  • You can put your notes and tasks in an organized way. Just search for grocery and find all items related to your grocery.

According to Google, currently the new search method works with few apps including Google Keep, LinkedIn, Evernote, Facebook Messenger etc.

You don’t require wi-fi or mobile data for this purpose as searching for results happen on just your phone. The results will not be shown on Google servers and only users can see their personal results. By un checking the apps from ‘In Apps’ menu, you can exclude results of unwanted apps.

Full advantage of the ‘In App’ feature can be taken by a shortcut present in the upcoming Android Nougat based LG V20.


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