Stolen Phones to Block in Pakistan Soon


Pakistan is working hard to develop and deploy the system in order to block the smart phones, which are stolen or lost. The government made the same attempt in 2008/09 under the chairmanship of Dr Yasin but it could not succeeded because it used only IMEI numbers for the blocking of the smart phone. As the IMEI number is changed very easily through the use of software system and it did not work properly and it was failed before its revealing in the market.

Now the law enforcement companies, mobile phone companies, intelligence companies and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority gathered to figure out the possible development of computer system to disable the stolen or lost mobile phones. A local company has already undergone the contract for this purpose to deliver the solution to PTS and now the new system for blocking of the lost or stolen mobile phone and how it will work now:

  • PTA will maintain the list of the allowed IMEIs, which are imported legally or PTA approved IMEIs, IMEIs paired with CNICs etc, which are allowed to register with the local networks.
  • The owners of all phones will be asked to register the IMEI numbers with the SIM card and the CNIC number, as the SIMs are mapped with CNICs.
  • When the mobile phone is lost or stolen, it will be put in the blocked list of the smart phones.
  • If IMEI is in blocked list or IMEI is not matching the registered SIM card number, then it is not allowed to connect it with any network.

If the new software is used for this system, then the statement was issued for it. When the software is ready to get insert the SIM card, the IMEI number of mobile phone will be registered. In case of loss or theft, the subscriber will block the SIM and the mobile phone will be blocked automatically.

This system is developed to make the stealing of the mobile phone useless and the users will not be able to use the lost or stolen mobile phones and they are not allowed to connect with any network and ultimately, it is better to discourage the mobile phone snatching and other related crimes.


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