Japanese Company Introduced fan to get rid of Perspiration

During the summer season, the people are disturbed, when they feel heavy perspiration and they do different tips to get rid of it. Now they can use fan, which is prepared by a Japanese ... Continue Reading →

Atomic Drives with storage 62.5TB

In Netherlands, the experts at the Delft University of Technology have developed the storage medium proved to be the densest one. In this new storage medium, the positions of chlorine ... Continue Reading →

Shoe-Sized Internet Box from Facebook for 1500 People Within 10 KM

Facebook and Google are the internet giants and they are sharing different news in the technological advancements. Now they have shared the internet connectivity to everyone on Planet ... Continue Reading →
Instant Photo Printer for Smartphones by FujiFilm

Instant Photo Printer for Smartphones by FujiFilm

Instant film printers are one of the those smartphone accessories that are not much famous. These were initially released in 2014 after which the second generation of Instax printers, ... Continue Reading →
World First 1000 Core Processor KiloCore

World First 1000 Core Processor KiloCore

The ‘KiloCore’ is the name given to a 1000 core processor which is first of its kind made by a team of researchers from the ‘University of California’. This team was led by ... Continue Reading →
Android Facebook Messenger will Support SMS

Android Facebook Messenger will Support SMS

David Marcus is the Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook and he has made an announcement that the Messenger is providing with new features for Android version. SMS integration In ... Continue Reading →
Windows 10

How to Stop Windows 10 from Spying

Windows 10 is far better version of Microsoft as compared to Windows 8 and previous versions. But every good thing also has few problems and it happens with Windows 10 also. When it ... Continue Reading →
Fast Smartphone Charging

Fast Smartphone Charging good or bad

Many of us would wonder about the word ‘fast charging’ after hearing it in various mobile ads. It says that just 10 to 15 minutes of charging can give you several hours of phone ... Continue Reading →
Ultra Thin ‘MetaLens’ Make Smartphone Cameras As Good As DSLRs

Ultra Thin ‘MetaLens’ Make Smartphone Cameras As Good As DSLRs

With the passage of time, the technology changes every day. Camera was invented in the early 19th century and since then the basic blueprint for camera remained same and it is the same ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Brings Wireless Music with Iconx Earbuds & Gear Fit 2 Wearable

Samsung started contributing in wearable race far earlier but overall it is at the 5th spot in this race. But now it seems that the company is going for an all out war against its opponents ... Continue Reading →
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