5 Features to Look Forward to in Android Marshmallow 6.0



Google is going to release the new Android version of the smart phone and it is found in developer state preview. This handset will be released in the market in short time and it will be provided with various information like OS and it is also provided with some other information from Android Marshmallow 6.0.

The next version of this smart phone is provided with various changes, feature and improvements to make it unique and wonderful. There are top five features of this smart phone, which will be provided to the clients, who are excited about the Android 6.0.

App Backup and Restore

It is added with the feature of app backup and restore, which various Android users are looking for many months. This handset is added with Android Marshmallow and it will be provided with seamless backup and restore the features to Android. It is provided with all apps’ user data and has the settings to the cloud. It is done once in a day and the device is provided with Wi-Fi connection & it avoids the mobile data charges and has sudden battery drains. The users do not worry about losing the data, when their smart phone fails to respond or it is stolen. It is very easy task to make switch to the new Android phones and they can copy their settings into the new phones, when they sign in the new Google account. The app developers use the option of opting out the feature if they need. There is the backup size, which is limited to the Google Drive storage of 25 MB per app and it should be enough for various games and apps. If you find less storage on the Google drive, then you can take it easy, as the app data backup would not count for drive storage space.

Doze Mode

This smart phone is provided with Android Lollipop and it gives the unpredictable standby times & it is added with Marshmallow. It is provided with new and latest Doze Mode, which has given the improved standby battery consumption.

The doze mode of the smart phone helps the clients to manage the background process of the system and its OS keep a check on the motion sensors of the phone. It also checks the last activity and keep its time. It is added with OS and shut down some processes & it can minimize the wake up while at the standby. It is put in the doze and it remains in this state for long time but during its dozing time, it does not go to sleep. It remains in doze and the alarm and high priority notifications still wake up as & when these are received on the mobile phone. Doze mode is provided with the feature to double the standby of Nexus 9 by the two times.

Granular Permissions

Now the users can control the permissions with the help of Google and the apps are provided after the installation of the apps & the Android Marshmallow is released. The users are allowed or they are revoked on when the app are required with these permissions.

When any app is installed, it is asked for all permissions before these are allowed to download from there. When the new update is added, then same thing is happened and it is improved with the Marshmallow. These all apps need permission when these are happened for the first time. When the users go into the setting of each app, then they can revoke certain permissions, after get them to allow for it.

App Linking and Chrome Custom Tabs

The experience of the users will be improved at lot with the use of Android Marshmallow. This smart phone is added with the current app linking solution, and asks them to open their special web link by doing the web browsing or with other installed app. The developers can add autos verify functions with Marshmallow with the app code and they can also open the link with the concerned app. The android system can verify the server of app and the post authentication is also carried out in its background & the web link is opened in the separate app.

The smart phone is provided with Chrome Custom tabs and it improves the Webviews, which is given in the particular app, which is without a need to open the separate Chrome browser session. It runs on the top of the app and it is used to open the link. It can have easy access to the Chrome features including automatic sign in, saves the passwords and auto filling of the forms. Chrome takes the app color and fonts to make this process seamless and it allows the developers to add buttons to Chrome Custom tab.  The users do not notice that the webpage is opened in the separate browsers or in the app.

Additional Hardware Support

This smart phone is provided with some additional hardware support. The Android Marshmallow is provided in the market with the more hardware support for the USB Type-C and fingerprint support. It is already provided to the clients on various Android phones with the provision of OEM’s additional drivers. The fingerprint sensors of all types are provided in the smart phone, Android 6 and these are provided with the use of same API for different Android devices. The users can be able to unlock the smart phone and they can make the purchases of Play Store with the use of fingerprint sensors.

In the hardware support, Android Marshmallow becomes the most beneficial addition with use of USB Type-C and it is added with new connector for the 3 to 5 times quicker charging and it is also reversible and it can end the long due problem like ‘Which is the right side up?’ at the time of plugging in the connector. It is provided with the new standard to enable the faster data transfer to power the device at that time. It is provided with the USB Type-C device to provide necessary support for the Android devices.


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