A Research Reveals Nokia Phones Shipments During Q1 2021


HMD Global is a parent company of Nokia that manufactures and ships the smartphones under the Nokia brand around the world.

In a recent report compiled by Counterpoint Research, HMD Global has successfully managed to ship the 2 million mobile phones under the Nokia brand during January to March 2021. On Year on Year analysis, the number of shipped units has increased but reduced as compared to previous quarter.

In 1st Quarter 202, total 1.7 million Nokia mobiles were shipped by HMD Global around the world. On the other side the total number of shipments in last quarter was 2.8 million.

The company recorded a loss in Indian market by 38.5% down from Q4 last year and 17% down from Q1 last year. However, HMD global’s performance in Africa and a part of Europe is well, and more shipments completed as compared to the October-December quarter. The graph for the shipments comparison is given below.


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