Google Might Working On A Foldable Smartphone


The search engine giant, Google is reportedly working on a foldable Smartphone and might be planning to launch this phone at the end of the year.

This was reported after a German publication in which two patents by Google at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) surfaced. The design of the phones is revealed in the patents. One patent hints a phone which is most likely to be similar with Huawei Mate XS. It shows that phone will have an outward folding design and a vertically installed cylindrical hinge at the center.

In the second patent, it is suggested that the phone is going to be a Royale Flespai-like hinge. The structure of the phone shown in the second patent is thick that act as support for the frame dubbed as the “plurality of hinge assemblies” in the patent suggesting a multi-segment hinge.  These patents are not confirmed by the company officially so there is no final word to say any word in this regard.


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