Snapdragon 888 Smartphones Will Be Updated For Three Years


Google is officially associated with a Project Treble and plans to improve and enhance speed of the Smartphones. The project is almost three years old and is and currently plans to collaborate with Qualcomm to catalyze the process.

Due to this great partnership, Android phones running Snapdragon chips will receive support for three years of OS updates and four years of security updates.

At the start the Snapdragon 888 supported phones and integrating it with Project Treble will lead to a significant change in software update policies. These policies will apply to security updates as well as OS updates. According to Google all topped with Snapdragon chipsets and running on OS Android 10 will get the support for software extension of three years.

After the Snapdragon 888, all phones running the 2021 Snapdragon chips will have potentially extended software update support.

According to the adoption rates issued by Google for Android 10 in 2020, 667 million dynamic users, of whom approximately 82%have received their (OTA) updates on their device directly.


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