World’s Powerful Gaming Phone ROG 5 Durability Test: Video


Asus ROG Phone 5 marked as the most powerful gaming smartphone ever around the Globe. Recently a famous torture test was conducted to test the phone by JerryRigEverything. The results in the test were disappointing.

The ROG iPhone 5 has a built-in glass sandwich, but with a weak point in the frame along the antenna line. Using pressure during the bending test, this weak point exploded, killing the display instantly and causing severe damage to the vibration motor. Due to this, the motor started moving and there was loudness around.

During the bend test, the whole glass back panel got shattered. The port with USB C accessory on this side is also a weak point for the structure that can easily hit the phone under pressure. According to YouTuber JerryRiGEverything, a dual battery structure can be the culprit for high-speed charging, but we won’t believe it until we find someone blindfolded.

Scratch tests and flame tests were not uncommon. The display is protected by the new Gorilla Glass Victus, but like last year, it also erodes the hardness scale of Moha at level 6 and forms deep grooves at level 7. The detailed video of the test is under.


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