Xiaomi Introduces New Privacy Technology To Secure Phones Content


Recently, a new Xiaomi patent was posted online. The company’s mobile software unit has issued a new patent for a new ‘anti-peep’ technology to ensure user privacy.

According to a report, the Chinese tech giant’s patent describes a dedicated sensor that constantly works to understand at least one face that may appear within the sensor’s predetermined range. In other words, the sensor will be able to obtain at least one face by recognizing the face in the captured image. Based on the results of the facial recognition software, the algorithm will determine if someone is looking at the user’s smartphone.

With this technology, the device will ensure user privacy by preventing confidential data from being leaked or leaked. In other words, the patent is intended to help protect confidential user data. Unfortunately, it is currently unknown if the company is actually working on such a product or if it covers all the bases for future replication of this technology. 

Similar technology has been patented by other tech companies in the past. However, there is still a long way to go before the system can be adopted.


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