PTA assessments Pakistan to Have 79 Million 3G Users till 2025


3G Users

3G Users

PTA is performing on framework with the purpose of having more than 79 million 3G consumers by 2025 to make its path among the top ten markets with mobile broadband in the world.

As per to estimations that every single individual (from the population of 226 million with median age of 26.4 years in the country by 2015) is expected to contain 9.5 connected devices on average by 2025 to maintain the connected devices to 2.1 billion units.

Throughout the upcoming few years this descriptive rise in connected devices is going to massively affect the society and the economy.

The reports admitted that improve in attached devices is going to maintain an eleven times larger market chance for telcos than what we have got regarding the voice market in the country. PTA expects income from the connected devices to exceed both the Voice and Data by year 2025.

The estimation admitted that the mobile related markets in Pakistan is going to be over 17 Billion USD per year by the 2025 up from the present income of 3.9 Billion dollars per year.

In different parts like energy, healthcare, science, transportation, retail and others there are trillion USD market prospect regarding wireless industry incomes, according to the estimation.

For their future approaches the development of MNOs, Software forms and others in the value chain this prospect is going to have vital effects. Right now they have a straight chance to perfume a central role.

The PTA mentioned that it is going to make a hopeful atmosphere for the telcos to provide extended OTT services to offer the users value with median services in a joint framework.

This mutual framework may be encouraged by availability of further spectrum, spectrum harmonization, spectrum re-organization, spectrum sharing, infrastructure sharing and others like regulatory interventions and facilitations.

PTA is expecting to publicize this report, along with more queries on how part, in upcoming weeks.


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